Family Life in Zambia

Sunset at the airstrip

Sunset at the airstrip

Hello from a hot and dry Zambia!
Its getting warm here, with temperatures in the mid 90’s F/35 C. We are eagerly awaiting the rains, which have not been seen since April!

Recently, we were very blessed to be visited by Jonathan’s mom, Janet, who came to meet her newest grandchild. We had a wonderful time over the three weeks she was here- visiting some local spots and spending nice time reconnecting. We are grateful for the time we could share and the help she gave in looking after Judah and preparing meals. We even were able to get out for a date night! She was also able to bring many things for Judah purchased with money so many of you donated to us for him.  We are so very thankful for all the cards and support he has received!

Judah and Sonia are in a good routine as they spend time at home. Judah is healthy and sleeping well. Sonia has a small role with the mission, helping publish news stories to the flying mission website.

The departure of our Aircraft Maintenance Manager has meant Jonathan has had to step back into this role until someone else is found. Other recent departures have left us with just one other mechanic regularly helping in the shop, and he also does part time pilot duties.  Jonathan is currently working as pilot/mechanic and a manager! He and the other staff at the mission are spread thin! We appreciate your prayers for the team during this time as many juggle multiple roles.

As well as looking for a Maintenance Manager, and more maintenance people and pilots; the mission is also seeking personnel in the areas of administration, finance, guest house management, facilities and logistics work. Please contact us if you have any skills you could offer and are interested in joining the team- short or long term.

We are blessed to be living and working in a country that deems itself a Christian nation. As such, Zambia recently declared a national day of prayer. On this day the Flying Mission team got together and spent the day in prayer-for FMZ missionaries and departments, for the Zambian people, regions and leadership, and for our Zambian workers. This was a lovely day spent being closer to the Lord through prayer together. We are so glad the mission sees this as important.

Jonathan has been pleased to restart the weekly bible study he leads with local Zambian boys. Please pray he can connect well and disciple these guys in the ways they need.

Well, thats all from us for now,
God’s Blessings on you all,


Jonathan and Sonia

Praises For:

  • Safe travel to and from for Janet (Jonathan’s mom), and a blessed time together.
  • Judah’s continued healthy growth. 

Prayers for:

  • More people to join FMZ, and for those that are taking on more to have stamina.
  • Jonathan in the Maintenance Manager role.
  • Sonia as she spends her time raising Judah.
  • The boys bible study on Wednesday evenings
    Sonia and Judah

    Judah already enjoys books!

    Judah and Janet

    Judah enjoying time with his Abuela!