Rocking his first airplane outfit.

It’s a Boy!
Judah John Weaver
Born July 6th 2018 at 9:08pm
7lbs 4oz

In Hebrew Judah means ‘praise’ and John means ‘God’s gracious gift.’ John was also my (Jonathan) father’s name. Judah would have been his first male grandchild, and my had dad hoped for a boy to carry on the family name so we are blessed that Judah will carry on his legacy in the next generation.

Mum/Mom and baby are doing well, he is feeding well and seems very content. We have prayed for a baby that will travel well and so far he seems like he will. You can join us in praying that he will travel well in all that is ahead for him and for continued good health for Sonia and Judah. The current plan is to stay in New Zealand for about 6 weeks before heading back to Zambia.

With Love,

Jonathan and Sonia

Team Weaver has grown to 3!