Ready and Waiting…

Greetings friends, from a wintery Wellington, New Zealand!

Jonathan arrived on NZ soil late in the night of Sunday 10th June to the delight of his very happy (and much larger) wife! Its so great to be together again after 7 weeks apart, as we now prepare for the arrival of baby Weaver due in 2 weeks (July 4th).

Since we last wrote, Sonia has been busy in NZ preparing for baby’s arrival, acquiring all the necessary items needed, and setting things up; as well as reconnecting with friends and family; being very spoilt at her baby shower; attending midwife and hospital appointments; and prenatal/birthing classes (thanks to Tess, Sonia’s sister who came along to all the classes and took notes on Jonathan’s behalf!). Sonia has continued to feel really good and be healthy and well, as has baby.

Jonathan had a very busy time in Zambia during Sonia’s absence. There was a lot of flying to be done with less staff at the mission and subsequently there was also several airplane inspections to be completed when not flying. Jonathan had quite a few overnighters in various places around Zambia, flying to conservation camps and rural hospitals with surgeons. He enjoyed that he was busy while apart from Sonia, but is now glad to have arrived in NZ before Baby Weaver’s arrival.

Well, just a quick, short update; but expect another update on or around July 4th! 🙂

God’s Blessings on you all,

Jonathan and Sonia


Praises For:

  • Jonathan’s safety flying in Zambia, and safe arrival in New Zealand
  • A few sunny days in Wellington allowing us to get out and enjoy some of our favourite places together
  • Sonia and Baby Weaver’s good health

Prayers for:

  • Baby’s arrival- pray baby arrives naturally on or before 4th July so we don’t have to be induced
  • The birth- that things go smoothly without complications
  • Our transition into parenthood and having a new baby
  • Those back at FMZ as they continue to be short staffed through the beginning of July.



J + S are glad to be back together again! And the baby bump keeps growing!


One recent flight Jonathan did where the airplane was absolutely as full as it could be!


Had to remove all the seats but the front two and luggage all the way to the front!