On The Move Again! (For 1 & 1/2 of us!)

Hi Friends
We hope you are well, wherever in the world you are.

Here in Zambia it seems the rainy season has come to an end (not before Jonathan caught the above pic of an incoming storm), we have continued to enjoy being back and reconnecting with local and international friends. Jonathan has had regular flights and maintenance work, including flights to a mission hospital, a conservation camp, and even to South Africa. This was a long day involving a 4.30am departure from home and a 10.30pm return the same day!

Sonia has been working part time at the front desk and recently took over the Guesthouse ministry for two weeks while the manager was away over Easter. She enjoyed serving missionaries who come for rest and relaxation, and facilitating some recuperation for the usual manager. Easter was also our two year wedding anniversary. Despite so much life change, it has been a wonderful two years. We feel so blessed to have each other. We have also been busy turning our spare room into a nursery.

The Flying Mission Team recently took four days away for a spiritual life retreat. It was a good time of refreshment, bonding and learning. The ladies of Flying Mission also threw Sonia a surprise baby shower. We appreciated the love and generosity they showed us in doing this.

Bible studies with locals

Jonathan has resumed his weekly boys bible study with local teenagers. The group is smaller than previously but this affords the chance to have good discussions, build better relationships with the guys, and discuss practical life application of scripture. Jonathan has also taken over a weekly bible study with Zambian workers at FMZ, and is enjoying the opportunities this brings to share his faith and knowledge from recent study, and also learn more about the insight of the workers.

Here we go again!

The international travels are not over yet for Team Weaver! On Saturday 21st April at 1pm (Lusaka time), Sonia will board the first of three planes back to New Zealand. She has to return before 30 weeks due to insurance and airline travel restrictions. On arrival she will have more prenatal midwife and medical appointments and prepare for baby Weaver to join the family. It will take about 30 hours to get to Wellington, please pray the travels will go smoothly and that she will be able to get some rest and sleep despite her big belly. Please also pray for the time we have apart. Jonathan will not arrive in NZ until June (7 weeks later!). Its a long time to be away from each other.

Baby Weaver continues to grow and baby seems to be practicing to be a soccer player or acrobat as it moves around! We continually feel blessed and in praise of the Lord, at the miracle of this baby. Its especially fun now that Jonathan can feel (and see) baby moving! Please also be in prayer for baby’s growth and development and for Sonia as she gets more cumbersome!! We do praise God that Sonia has generally been feeling very good, despite a dip in energy recently which turned out to be anaemia. With iron supplements she is feeling much more energetic again.

Well, thats all from us. The next update will be from New Zealand when we are reunited again! We look forward to seeing those of you there soon.
God’s Blessings on you all,

Jonathan and Sonia

Praises For:

  • Sonia and Baby are doing well, we’re grateful her anaemia was picked up and treated.
  • The opportunity to return to New Zealand and have support of family and friends

Prayers for:

  • Safe flying for Jonathan in Zambia
  • Jonathan’s bible studies with local boys and workers
  • Sonia’s return to New Zealand on April 21st
  • Our time apart, its going to be hard!

Baby Weaver (and Sonia’s belly) have grown a lot!!

Jonathan had a “friend” come to visit the window while he was flying for a conservation organisation in one of the National parks here in Zambia.

2 thoughts on “On The Move Again! (For 1 & 1/2 of us!)

  1. Hi Sonia, Looking great. Great to hear your news, praying for safe travels & for Jonny as he is on his own. Glad that all seems to be going well for you & this baby. Pray you get some sleep! Just don’t sleep on your back- although most pregnant women thankfully can’t.

    take Care, many blessings. Love Sheona


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