Settling in…

The new office next to the hangar is almost done!

Hello from hot and rainy Zambia!

Settling back in
We have settled into our old house and unpacked belongings we had in storage. It was like Christmas unpacking things we forgot we even owned! Our cat Randy was happy to see us and our garden has grown significantly in some places. A banana tree we planted was about a metre high when we left, and almost 18 months later has sprouted many more trees two of which are about 20 feet/6 metres!! Both trees even have bunches of bananas we are looking forward to harvesting. We have enjoyed picking lemons, mulberries, passionfruit, mangos, avocados and guava from our garden and the FMZ grounds. We have also really enjoyed reconnecting with old friends, and colleagues at FMZ.

Jonathan started back at work and was able to renew his pilot licence with the Zambian Civil Aviation Authority and do some recurrency flights and is now back on board and did his first passenger flight this past week. Sonia has started her role as Front Desk Manager at the mission. This is an all new and diverse role for the mission so she is figuring out how the role looks and putting processes and procedures in place for the future.

Baby related news
The Baby Weaver bump continues to grow and Sonia is feeling really good. All the most recent health tests on Sonia and baby have come back normal. After research, advice and prayer we thought it was best to return to New Zealand to have baby. The healthcare in New Zealand is of great quality and under the socialised healthcare scheme, is free. We will also have support of Sonia’s family and friends during this important and new time as we adjust to being parents. We are grateful the mission has approved the time to be away. Our plans are as follows…

April 21 Sonia departs Zambia

June 9 Jonathan Departs Zambia

July 4 (approx) Baby Weaver due

August 20 Weaver family departs NZ back to Zambia

FMZ news
Flying Mission has developed a lot while we have been away. Previously we were all crammed into very tight spaces. Sonia’s old desk was in the kitchen, or wherever there was a spare place, and most people had little room to do their jobs. Now there is an all new office facility which has been built next to the hangar, (see top photo) and there is much room for people and things. Flying Mission’s vision is also to serve missionaries in a new way by offering office and conference spaces for their use, as well as to expand the support we offer to them through other ‘logistics’ services. We are excited to see how these are utilised by the church and mission community in Zambia as we serve them in new and different ways. A new couple and their young child have also joined the mission to help with logistics and possibly the guesthouse, so its great to have more hands on board!

Thats all for now,

God’s Blessings on you all,

Jonathan and Sonia

Praises For:

  • Safe arrival and good transition so far back to Zambia
  • Sonia’s Healthy pregnancy thus far
  • Jonathan quickly getting back to flying

Prayers for:

  • A continued good transition back into life in Zambia
  • Baby Weaver’s continued healthy growth
  • Safe flying and good health here in Zambia

Just a normal drive during the rainy season!

Sonia doing her job at the “Front Desk” in the new FMZ office facility.

Jonathan and Jason painting the staircase in the new office area.

A growing Sonia with our now fully grown Banana tree!