Our Return to Zambia

Hello All,
We are excited to be heading back to Zambia very soon!
We want to say thank you to the many people that we have been able to spend time with during our time here in New Zealand, it has been really great to catch up with you all!

We want to update you on our return travel to Zambia and a couple of prayer requests. We are leaving for and arriving in Zambia on January 29th (it’s amazing how jumping “back” time zones enables 24+ hours of travel to happen without it being the next day!), and would appreciate prayers for safe travel and rest along the journey.

Our original departure date had been January 24th, but due to the scheduling of a couple of specialist appointments for Sonia related to the pregnancy, we are spending a few days longer here in New Zealand. We have been assured that there is no serious issue, but the doctors just want to stay on top of the pregnancy and make sure all is well before we go. We would appreciate prayers that the doctors would have wisdom and we continue to make the best choices concerning Baby Weaver.

Thanks and God Bless,

Jonathan and Sonia

We have really enjoyed our time with family and friends in New Zealand!

No caption needed! (Sonia is excited to be starting to show).

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