Fall update and Future Plans

Hello and Welcome…
…to our fall/autumn update

Firstly, we’d like to say thanks to those who attended Jonathan’s dad’s visitation and service; prayed, and sent cards and flowers to the family, following his passing in June. We appreciated everyone’s support. The family continues to adjust to life without him around. We are glad to have been in the USA for his final days, and for this time after.

We are happy to advise that Sonia’s trip to New Zealand for the visa was successful. Sonia knew people were praying when she got a row to herself on her first flight, upgraded to a sky-couch on the next, and an exit row for the final flight. Thanks praying friends!

15,000 words and less than 2 weeks!
That’s the length of Jonathan’s dissertation and how long he has left to complete it!

Overall, he is progressing on it well, but as you can guess, his life is very focused on this goal, studying 40-50 hours a week to get the dissertation done by October 6th and complete his Masters in Contextual Theology. Its all go! To facilitate, Sonia takes care of things on the home front, and makes trips to the library to pick up MORE books! When not doing this, she looks after our nieces helping home school the oldest, Addie.

In July we took a family vacation, and have since been blessed with opportunities to fellowship with new and old friends through dinner invitations, hiking, a small group, and for Sonia- a ladies book study. Thank you to those who have blessed us with your company and hospitality- it has been wonderful connecting with you.

What’s next?
As Jonathan’s studies come to an end, we are looking to our next steps- returning to the mission field in Zambia. In preparation for this we will do a furlough in the USA and New Zealand. We hope for opportunities to speak with individuals and churches, to share about our return, and raise further support- both financially and in terms of prayer.

If you’d like us to share our mission plans with your church or small group, in USA or NZ, please contact us. We’d be grateful for the opportunity.

We’re hoping to see as many of you- our wonderful friends and supporters, as we can, before we depart to Africa, so please feel welcome to come along to the events below. More locations and dates to be advised.


September 24 – South Side Bible Church, Battle Creek, Michigan. 10.45am
October 15 – Grace Baptist Church, Kent, Ohio 6pm
October 22 – First Christian Church, Salem, Ohio 9.30am/11am
November 12 – Youngs Corners Fellowship Baptist Church, Wadsworth, Ohio, 11am

November 24 – Depart USA
November 26 – Arrive NZ (Yes, 2 days later!)
January 24 – Depart NZ, return to Zambia.

God’s Blessings on you all,

Jonathan and Sonia

Praises for:

  • Opportunities to connect with others through bible studies, a small group and meals
  • Sonia’s visa approval and good travels
  • The outpouring of love and support following John’s death

Prayers for:

  • Jonathan’s dissertation writing- due October 6th
  • Preparations for furlough time in USA and NZ, and our return to Zambia
  • For Jonathan and family as they continue to get used to life without John

Just a few of the books for Jonathan’s paper!!!

Send us Mail!!!! NOTE the NEW mailing address. (if you send it now it might arrive by the time we do…)
Flying Mission Zambia
Jonathan and Sonia Weaver
PO Box CA197
Lusaka, Zambia 10101

On vacation with Jonathan’s family. Our nieces Addie and Bailey.