Update April 2017

Our College looking alive with Spring!

Hello Friends
We are pleased to report that the dreary winter has left the UK and beautiful spring has arrived! Term two passed swiftly as we juggled the requirements of study- classes, lots of readings, assignments and presentations. It was a busy time! Life has mostly consisted of attending classes from 8.30am until 1pm then staying on and studying- doing readings and assignments, until usually around 5 or 6pm. We then come home, have dinner, relax a little, go to sleep, and repeat!

Sonia has enjoyed classes studying the New & Old Testaments, Integral Mission, Personal Development, Interpersonal Skills, World Religions, Worship Theology, and a ministry placement on Saturday mornings. She has especially enjoyed finding out more about herself- such as her evangelism style (hospitality) and spiritual gifts (helps, administration, hospitality). Sonia has also been pleased to get good grades at College.

Jonathan has studied anthropology, contextual theology, and leadership. He also had the opportunity to preach during the weekly worship service at College. Many commented that he did really well and they enjoyed hearing him talk! Jonathan too has been doing really well with grades.

We have been placed at a small local Anglican church called St Catherine & St Paul’s. The demographic is different to what we are used to so we have been appreciating a different style service and building relationships with the congregation. To facilitate this and be part of the church community we serve on the tea & coffee rota and do readings during the service.

All this hasn’t left much time to explore the UK or socialise but we did manage a trip to Oxford with a friend who visited from Belfast, and we have been able to host others for dinner. As we write, we are currently in the USA during the break between terms. We thought this was a good opportunity to spend time with Jonathan’s family and provide support and assistance where possible. Please continue to lift John’s health and wellbeing up in prayer, and the rest of the family during this time. Please also pray for wisdom for us as we make decisions about how we can best support family in the USA in light of studying in the UK!

Whilst here we celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. Time has flown, and while life has included a lot for us both during this time, our marriage has been fantastic! We praise God that he has blessed us with each other as we walk through it all, and we are sure this will serve as a firm foundation for our years ahead.

God’s Blessings on you all,

Jonathan and Sonia

Jonathan preaching during the College’s Wednesday morning worship. The subject was Hebrews 12.

The life of a Masters student! These were just some of the books used for ONE essay!

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