Update December 2016

Hello and Welcome

general_md_slider_compressedHello from the U.K!
In August we departed Flying Mission and Zambia. This involved Jonny tying up lots of loose ends in the Chief Engineer role so things were in a good place to be handed over to his replacement. We also packed our belongings into storage so a new family joining the mission could move into our house. On August 31 we said ‘See you again’ to Zambia and on 1 September arrived in England. The cooler temperatures of the U.K were our first shock, as were the continuous cloudy days. Quite a contrast in comparison to the ever blue sky and warmth of Zambia!

We settled into our little one bedroom flat in Hoddesdon in the region of Hertfordshire, about an hour north of London. We were very blessed by the provision of a cheap and economical vehicle which we use to get to and from school.

As many of you know Jonathan’s father was diagnosed with stage IV cancer in April and has been undergoing treatments since. The treatments seem to be working and his tumors have shrunk, but we still request prayers as this type of cancer is inoperable. Because we hadn’t seen the family since the diagnosis, we dipped into our reserves to make a quick trip to Ohio to support the family. We felt this was a good time as we knew the next few months would be busy with school. On Sept 19th we started orientation at All Nations Christian College, full of excitement to see how the Lord would stretch, teach, challenge and grow us during this time studying.

However, it wasn’t long before life threw us a curveball. A week into lecturers, on 28th September, Sonia’s younger sister Karen passed away suddenly of, as yet, unknown causes. This was a devastating and shocking loss for her family. This necessitated a trip back to New Zealand to be with Sonia’s family and attend Karen’s funeral. Unfortunately we were only able to stay a week, but are glad we were able to be there. We are extremely grateful to those who assisted with help toward airfares and use of a car while there. Please continue to keep Sonia and her family in your prayers as they grieve this sudden loss, and get used to life without this special and joyful young woman who was an important part of their lives.

On return, we jumped back into week 4 of school and spent the remainder of the term catching up, going to lectures, doing readings, papers, exams, presentations and all that comes with studies. We have both now finished term one and are very much looking forward to a break to rest and relax, and explore more of our local area.

Thank you for being part of our journey this year- in friendship, financial support and prayer. We are grateful to you for the part you play in our lives and especially for your support and encouragement in being in the UK as we study. We wish each of you a wonderful and blessed Christmas.

Merry Christmas,
Jonathan and Sonia

Praises For:

  • The knowledge we have gained through studies, it is a blessing to be here and become further equipped for future ministry. We are confident God is going to use this time to work in, and through us.
  • Gods provision of accommodation, a vehicle, assistance with airfares to NZ, and the building of friendships.

Prayers for:

  • Sonia and her family, following her sister’s death. Please pray for peace and comfort, especially as Karen’s Birthday and Christmas approach.
  • Jonny’s dad, John as he continues cancer treatments.
  • For a restful and refreshing break between school terms- there has been a lot of life changes for the Weavers this year- we’re looking forward to a period of relaxation over the holidays.

Sonia’s sister Karen passed away unexpectedly in September aged just 35. She will be very missed.


During our time of study we are living and studying in Hertfordshire (pronounced “Hartfrdshure”) which is the county just north of Greater London.