Update May 2016

Hello Friends!
Welcome to Team Weaver’s first update as a married couple! We are writing from back in Zambia where we’ve been for the last several weeks settling into Jonathan’s house, and life here. After a week to get over jet-lag, unpack and set up our home together, Jonathan is back at work in his role as Chief Engineer and has managed to get back in the pilot seat a number of times too! Sonia has been busy with various domestic duties around the home, tending to the garden and looking after and supporting Jonny to do his work. And is looking to find her own niche at FMZ as well.

To take a step back, we thought we’d update on Jonathan’s time in New Zealand, as well as our beautiful wedding.

Sonia left Zambia early last December, following our engagement a week prior. After a few months apart, Jonathan came to NZ to meet Sonia’s family and friends, finalise wedding plans, and help with additional support raising. We were also able to go hiking and camping in a few spots in New Zealand, including the Abel Tasman National Park (see top picture), Tongariro National Park, Queenstown, and up a volcano in Auckland. We were blessed to have time to take part in a 6 week pre-marriage course through Sonia’s home church.

The time in NZ was busy, but a great opportunity for Sonia’s family and Jonathan to get to know each other well and spend some quality time together. We feel very blessed that Sonia’s family could get a good sense of who this guy was that Sonia said yes to! We are so grateful for the amazing hospitality of those who hosted us to stay, and for meals. We also had amazing provision as a number of people helped with,and contributed to wedding necessities (including an engagement party, donations, being loaned a dress, photography, rings, domestic flights, and flowers done at cost, to name but a few). We were overwhelmed by the way the Lord blessed us through others. If you were one of those people, we wish to thank you so very much for your contribution.

The wedding itself was a really special time. We chose to get married in Hawaii with 24 family and close friends as Hawaii is the mid-point between Wellington, NZ and Ohio, USA. The location was beautiful and both before and after the wedding we were able to spend good quality time with friends and family we hadn’t seen for a while,and weren’t going to be seeing again for some time too. It was also a chance for our families to meet as well. We enjoyed a week long honeymoon on Kauai island where we were able to go hiking and kayaking and relax after the busyness of wedding planning!

Back in Zambia now, and a few changes have occurred at FMZ. Four couples/families are departing in the next couple of months,and two will return. This will have a big impact on the organisation. Please pray for provision of people to fill the roles, and for those who remain to cope with the extra workload.

SME (Share My Experience)

Jonny recently had a big flying day. A group of 20ish American University students needed air transport to outreaches. This required all hands on deck as 3 planes would fly with 2 pilots doing the return trip twice. This included Jonny. He was to fly an approx 4 hr return flight, land back at FMZ, pick up the next group and drop them off at the same destination, then return to FMZ all before sunset. With darkness coming early in Zambia, there wasn’t much time to mess around. However into the second trip Jonny got word that the pilot of one of the flights had an issue on his trip to the destination. Nothing major or dangerous, but as Chief Engineer Jonny needed to have a look. The time looking into the issue and work required meant Jonny wouldn’t return to FMZ by sunset and instead would have to stay the night! Jonny did some on the spot maintenance that afternoon and the next morning, and thankfully both he and the other pilot were able to return in their respective planes the next day.

From Sonia’s end, she was preparing to cook Jonny as pretty awesome meal to welcome him home. Jonny did the right thing and called his new wife to advise of the change of plans. The awesome meal was scrapped till the next night and Sonia ate raman noodles instead. Not quite what either of us expected but a reminder that the unexpected can happen. (And also that Jonny should carry a toothbrush & paste in his pilot bag- just in case!).

Once again we wish to sincerely thank everyone who sent cards and contributed to our wedding. We are so appreciative of the way you blessed us so much!

Thanks for reading, and God’s Blessings on you all,
Jonathan and Sonia

Despite being April Fools Day, it was no laughing matter! Mostly! (With our wonderful Hawaiian Pastor Steve)

Despite being April Fools Day, it was no laughing matter! Mostly! (With our wonderful Hawaiian Pastor Steve)

We did it

We did it

It's for real!

It’s for real!

Great to have family attending!

Great to have family attending!

Great to have family attending!

Great to have family attending!

And some Friends!

And some Friends!

More friends!

More friends!


Praises For:

  • Time in New Zealand for Jonny to get to know Sonia’s family & friends (& vice versa!)
  • A special wedding and honeymoon in Hawaii
  • The generosity of so many, towards our wedding and honeymoon

Prayers for:

  • Transitioning back to Zambian life
  • Jonny in his role as Chief Engineer
  • Sonia to be used well and find her niche in Zambia
  • Provision of more people at FMZ
  • Full recovery for Jonny’s Dad John, from lung cancer

One thought on “Update May 2016

  1. Greetings, thanks for the wonderful update of all that is going on and your safe return to Zambia. It’s also nice to know that John is going to a lot of flying as that was what he always talked about. I trust both of you adopt well to life in Zambia and to each other. And above all may the Lord bless your ministry.

    Mr H John’s high school physics teacher at CVCA

    Have a Great Day

    Website rheckathorn.weebly.com


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