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Hello Friends!

The heat has returned to Zambia, and we are at the beginning of the rainy season.  The past several months have been very busy for me!  During September and October we were quite short handed on pilots and mechanics, thankfully our flight schedule wasn’t as busy as it sometimes is because for several days we only had one or two pilots available!  We can have up to 8 pilots if everyone is around (which also rarely happens).  Recently I have flown not only to spots in Zambia, but I also took some missionaries to Mozambique, one of Zambia’s neighbors, where they were able to do some teaching and visit with other missionaries there.  Check out my website HERE for that story!

Flying Mission Zambia is in a transition process of changing how the mission is structured and governed, as we grow we need to have a good leadership structure in place.  We have adopted a new model which should give us ample opportunity to grow and change.  With these changes, new positions have been added and others have shifted around for a 3 month trial period. I have been asked to assume the role of Chief Engineer (head mechanic) for the aircraft we operate and maintain here!  I was not expecting to be given this much responsibility in such a short time, but I am excited to have the opportunity to learn and grow in this new role.  This new position has been keeping me quite busy as I learn the ambiguous procedures and paperwork needed to keep the airplanes legal and flying in Zambia.

Zambia is also in transition.  Just a few days after celebrating 50 years of independence in October, Zambia’s President Michael Sata passed away.  He had been sick for some time so it wasn’t a total shock, but it a sad occurrence nonetheless and the second time a Zambian President has died in office in the last several years.  Zambia is generally a peaceful country and one of the only African nations to have consistently transitioned relatively peacefully between leaders throughout it’s history.  But there is always the possibility of unrest in times like these.  There will be general elections probably in January to elect a new president.  Please pray for the interim president and for peaceful elections.


SME (Share my Experience)

Amongst all the work that I have been doing the past few months, I was able to get away and have a bit of fun as well.  My good friend Ashley has come back to Zambia on a missions trip called “The World Race” (check out her blog HERE) and when one of your friends comes to the country you are living in you go see them!  So last weekend a few other friends and I made the 6 hr drive to Livingstone to visit her.  While we were in Livingstone before we met up with Ashley we also got the chance to go whitewater rafting.  It was tons of fun!  And thankfully the water is so rough that we didn’t see any crocodiles or hippos the whole time we were in the Zambezi River! We got to do 25 different sets of rapids ranging from very easy to Class 5, including Rapid 18 known as “Oblivion” where everybody went flying out of the raft as it capsized!  I’ve included a few pictures for your enjoyment.

Finally, the church I have been raising money for is in the final stages of exterior construction.  They’ve gotten the steel beams for the roof and are in the process of raising it, after that just the roof sheeting will remain! I have continued to use any excess support I have to match funds with what the church is raising itself, and they are still in need of more funds.  Hopefully soon they will be able to begin meeting in the building.  I don’t have any updated pictures, but as soon as beams are up I’ll get some pictures out.


If you have any questions or comments please email me, I’ll be happy to answer them and give you even more information on what life is like here in Zambia!

God’s Blessings on you all,



Praises For:

  • Continued progress on the Church Building.
  • Growth and changes for Flying Mission Zambia.
  • Continued safe flying and good maintenance.

Prayers for:

  • My transition to my new position, and Flying Mission’s transition to a new governance model.
  • Finishing the church building.
  • Safe Flying!
  • For the country of Zambia and peaceful elections.


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Almost done with the exterior of the building!

Almost done with the exterior of the building!

Just need roofing sheets!

Just need roofing sheets!



Going into Rapid 18...

Going into Rapid 18…

Getting wet!

Getting wet!

And coming out of it… Oblivion!

And coming out of it… Oblivion!

I'm the one on the left.  Don't worry, everyone survived and even enjoyed it!

I’m the one on the left. Don’t worry, everyone survived and even enjoyed it!