Update September 2013!

Greetings from Zambia!

The warmth has returned, but it’s still dry and dusty here.  It hasn’t rained in 5 months but within the next 2 months the rains should return.  Since my last update there have been many things that have changed!  I have moved into a house that is going to be my permanent home here, its a nice little 2 bedroom house in the community very near our base (see pictures in my pictures post).  I also have gotten a roommate, his name is Alex and he is from Canada working with Flying Mission as an auto mechanic for 1 year.  It has been nice to have some company as well as cut down on the cost of rent.  Also the shipping container with my tools and a few other personal items arrived, it’s been nice to use my own tools to work on airplanes!  Finally, I have had the privilege flying a few longer trips with regional directors to some of the different locations they have ministries in Zambia.  I really enjoyed meeting the different missionaries and seeing the work they are doing in rural Zambia!  God’s work is alive and well here!  if you want to hear more about these ministries or the different kinds of work we support here in Zambia, email me, I ‘d love to share in more detail!

One thing that hasn’t changed yet is my problematic truck.  It has continued to cause problems, and I haven’t been able to sell it.  I was able to buy a dirt bike, and it has been great for getting me to the base everyday, but it’s not licensed yet and can’t be my only transportation once the rains start.  I am in the process of seeing what my best options are right now for getting some other reliable transportation, but it looks like I am going to need to raise a few thousand dollars in order to get a different vehicle that will work in this challenging driving environment.  PLEASE be in prayer about this situation and if you are able to contribute a bit extra towards getting my transportation needs resolved that would be great!  You can print a form HERE and send it to the address at the top with donations.  If you want more information on my transportation needs please let me know!

SME (Share my Experience)

On to more enjoyable topics!!  The church in Mwembeshi village is starting to take shape!  The walls are now in process, and as they raise more money they are continuing to build.  The congregation was able to raise enough money for 500 more blocks and I was able to match them with money I had set aside for the church.  Lord willing we can continue with the matching funds until the walls are completed!  I am hoping to visit soon to see the latest progress.

I have also been able to get involved in the football (soccer) ministry at Flying Mission.  I’ve only just begun getting to know the different boys that come out and play, but it’s obvious to see they are way better at playing then I am!  On Saturday mornings about 10 or so of the boys come to a Bible study that I have also had the privilege of getting involved in.  I’m hoping to be able to build some good relationships, and encourage these young men as they mature!

Well that’s all for now, Thank you for being involved and interested in my life!  If you have any questions or comments please email me, I’ll be happy to answer them and give you even more information on what life is like here in Zambia!

May the Lord bless you and keep you,


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