Settling in Lusaka


Greetings from Zambia!

After an enjoyable two weeks living in a Zambian Village, I am settling into living in Lusaka, Zambia.

My village time was truly a blessing.  James and Elosia Shampande took me in for two weeks and allowed me to live with them and 5 of their kids on their farm in Mwembeshi, Zambia.  The Shampande’s have 7 kids total, but two are grown and married and live in the city.  James is a pastor at a local church in the village, but also farms his land with the help of his family.  They were very open and hospitable, and allowed me to see what life is like, and to ask any questions that I wanted.  I learned many things about Zambian culture, Nyanja (one of the many Zambian languages), and even a few things about farming.  🙂  Among other things I harvested beans, helped plow a field, and climbed inside a water tank to try to stop it from leaking!  We also visited other members of the church in the village, took a trip to a neighboring town called Mumbwa, went to James’s church, and visited a neighboring village church that he helped to plant.  I ate nshima (a cornmeal paste) and assorted side dishes with my hands, for almost every meal, and slept in a mud brick hut with a thatched roof.  My time in the village was very enjoyable, and the Shampande’s have told me that they will be my African family and I am welcome anytime!

A few interesting things about current village living… they have electricity, cell phones, a freezer, and even a TV!!  Life is certainly not plush or easy, but it is interesting to see how modern things are working their way even into the African bush.

I am scheduled to finish my cultural orientation this week, and begin my flight orientation next week.  I have learned much so far, but I know there are still many things to learn!  I am excited to start flying and seeing more of the Zambian countryside.  The rainy season is ending so it will be nice to see things before they turn brown during the dry season!

I am still looking for a quality vehicle at a reasonable price so that is a major prayer concern!!  I will be housesitting for another missionary who is on furlough for the next 2 1/2 months, and she is also letting my drive her car until I find my own, so that is a major blessing!

Thank you to all of those who have been praying and thinking about me!  I appreciate all of the comments and emails, even if I do not respond to them very quickly!  The internet here is very slow and expensive, but hey, at least I can connect and communicate!  I have uploaded some pictures to Facebook from my village stay and you can see them by clicking HERE.  Even if you do not have Facebook you can see the content on my page!

Praises For:

  • A safe, healthy, and enjoyable time in the Zambian Village!
  • Having a temporary house to live in and car to drive while I find my own.
  • The many new things I have learned thus far about Zambia and it’s people!
  • The many ways the Lord is blessing me in this transition.

Prayers For:

  • Finding a good vehicle at a reasonable price!! (Yes I’m still looking!)
  • Continued focus on God during the transition.
  • Safety as I begin flying, and wisdom as I begin writing my tests and transferring my licenses over to Zambia.

Send me Mail!!!!
Jonathan Weaver
Postnet #197, P/Bag E891
Lusaka, Zambia

Mud brick hut with a thatched roof!

Mud brick hut with a thatched roof!

My African Family!

My African Family!

2 thoughts on “Settling in Lusaka

  1. Hi Jonathan,

    Glad to hear that you are doing so well at adjusting to your new surroundings and friends there in Africa. Have fun getting into the air soon.


    Dennis Garretson

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