Update!! Feb 25th, 2013

Well, it’s has been a busy last couple of months for me as I have prepared to move to Africa.  I arrived home from North Carolina in mid December and was able to see many family members and friends during the Holiday season, as well as visit a few churches and continue to spread the word about the ministry that the Lord has called me to in Zambia!

From January 21st to February 8th I attended a course at Mission Training International (MTI) which was very beneficial.  Their organization exists to help missionaries and their families to make the jump from home culture into another culture and back successfully.  I was able to learn some practical skills and attitudes that will help me as I make that transition!  The time I spent there was much needed and truly Christ centered, and I appreciated it very much.

After I arrived home from MTI, I had one week to get everything else done before I got on a plane headed to Scotland on February 15th.   It was quite a world wind but everything got done, praise the Lord!  Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who helped with and came to my open house.  It was so nice to see as many people as I could and be able say goodbye for a while!  One of the things we learned at MTI was the importance of saying “good” Goodbyes because it puts one at peace and shows the value of the relationship with those one is leaving and also opens up the individual for the opportunity to say many new Hello’s!!

I had the privilege of being commissioned and sent out for service in Africa by both Christ Community Chapel, in Hudson and Grace Baptist Church, in Kent.  I feel very loved and blessed to have such strong bodies of Christ behind me as I step out in to the unknown of my future!!

After working like crazy to pack up everything going to Africa and eliminating those things that didn’t quite make the cut, I was ready to go!  Two large bags and one bin (see picture below) and that’s it for now!  I boarded the plane with my good friend Tom to visit the New College at the University of Edinburgh, in Scotland.  Tom will be studying there in the fall, and knowing I would have a layover somewhere near there, we planned to visit together!  It was been a wonderful time of rest and relaxation, and I have enjoyed seeing some of the sights of Scotland.

I am headed to London, England today (Feb 25) and will be heading from there to Lusaka, Zambia tomorrow.  Lord Willing I will arrive in Lusaka, Zambia at 6:55am local time on Wed. Feb. 27th!!!  (That is 11:55pm Tues. Feb. 26th EST.) Please be in prayer for safe travels and a smooth transition!  Not sure what the next few weeks will look like for me, but most likely I’ll be looking for a vehicle, learning where things are located in Lusaka, learning as much about the culture as I can, and possibly living in a village for a little while!

Until I can update again, check out these pictures from my final days in the United States, and my time in Scotland!!

Much Love,


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