I made it to JAARS!!!!!

As many of you know I will be spending the next 3 1/2 months in Waxhaw, NC doing aviation flight and maintenance orientation with JAARS to prepare me for the missionary service I will be doing in Zambia, Africa with Flying Mission.  I arrived earlier this week and will begin my training next Tuesday, September 4th.  Waxhaw is located near the South Carolina border just south of Charlotte.

Here’s a brief look at who JAARS is and what life will look like for me here in Waxhaw, NC!!!!!

Who JAARS is (this info was taken from their website, follow the links to their website to find out more):

“We’re a nonprofit that provides technical support services—such as aviationinformation technology, and media—to advance Bible translation and literacy programs worldwide. Our work impacts teams with SIL International, the Wycliffe Global Alliance, and many related organizations.”

“For more than 60 years, JAARS aviation has provided safe, dependable flight services to translators and support personnel, enabling Bible translation to flourish in locations that would otherwise remain inaccessible.”

JAARS used to stand for “Jungle Aviation and Radio Service” but at this point they do a lot more than aviation and radio service so the acronym was dropped and it’s just JAARS.

Because Flying Mission doesn’t have any training facilities in the United States, JAARS handles most of the evaluation and pre-field training for FM pilot/mechanics.

JAARS owns and operates out of JAARS-Townsend Field, and does much or their training on the field, as well as at other strips in the area.  While their main runway is long and paved, they have short grass strips set up on the side that can progressively train pilots to land within precise limitations.



For my training this fall I will be flying this Cessna U206G.  The Cessna 206 is a 6 seat single engine aircraft with a rugged design and powerful engine.  It is a popular bush plane, and is used all over the world by many different mission agencies.  The first airplane that I will be operating with Flying Mission in Zambia will be the 206, so my experience this fall will be invaluable when I begin flying in Africa.


I have a small (it’s smaller inside then it looks :-)) apartment that I will be living in during my training.  It is about a 5 minute walk from the airport, so it’s the perfect spot for me to be!





One thought on “I made it to JAARS!!!!!

  1. Jonathan – it’s a beautiful place and they have so many years of experience. I’m glad you can train there. I sent you a message about my friends Kevin and Gale Tillett who live just down the street from you. Kevin works for JAARS I think primarily recruiting ex military to work there. Gale owns a black great dane so there is a good chance you will see her walking Bella sometime. Though I only knew you as a young lad, I’m so excited to see God’s hand in directing your life.
    BTW I think you did a great job here giving a glimpse of JAARS

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