First Blog Posting!!

Beautiful Day during the dry season in Zambia.

Welcome to the first posting of my blog!!  I have created this to provide information to anyone who is interested in what I am doing and how God is directing my plans to serve him as a missionary pilot in Zambia!  This first posting is general giving the information I sent out in my last prayer letter, but there will be more to come and they will be more personal.  So here we go…

The Termites in Zambia have too
much time on their hands!!
The excitement of the day is the arrival of an airplane!

I have taken these months to fervently seek God and His purposes and plans for my future. While one can certainly never know exactly what God has planned for the future, I believe I have heard the still small voice of God indeed, pushing me to actively raise support for full time missions work as a pilot with Flying Mission, flying people and supplies to remote villages in Africa.

Flying Mission has been aiding medical and Gospel work in Zambia and Botswana since 1977. Currently they operate Cessna 206 and 210 aircraft from three bases to villages throughout Zambia, with additional services in Botswana. This past March I was fully accepted by the missions agency and am free to begin raising full time support. You can learn more about their ministry at  In the mean time God has blessed me with a full time and stable position at Kent State University as an airplane Mechanic.  I have committed to stay at Kent until at least May 2012, and after that I am free to stay or go.

I am requesting that you support me in prayer, as well as consider supporting me financially. I will need to raise about $2,500 dollars per month for living expenses while in Zambia and about $30,000 dollars for outgoing costs, which includes pre-field flight training, plane tickets, freight cost for belongings and tools, as well as for purchasing a vehicle upon my arrival in Zambia. Many of you have committed to supporting me through prayer and finances, and now is the time!Please pray for me as I begin what many consider the most difficult phase of getting to the mission field, that of raising support. If you already know that you want to partner financially with me, please let me know andwe can meet one on one and talk further about how God might be leading you to join with me in what He is doing in Zambia!

If you have any questions or would like more information please post a comment and I will contact you!

The Flying Mission Office just outside of Lusaka, Zambia.
Takeoff from the Flying Mission runway

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